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FAQ’s | Credit Jeweler

How do I qualify for a CreditJeweler.com charge account?

You must be:


I have bad credit. Will I still qualify for an account through CreditJeweler.com?

 At CreditJeweler.com, we understand hard times and realize that everyone deserves a second chance. With 1 in 5 Americans going through a foreclosure, short sale and even bankruptcies, you are NOT alone. Upon providing us with the information necessary to create an account, you WILL be qualified.


How long is my approval good for?

Your approval is based on your current economic situation, and as such is valid as long as the information on your profile remains the same.


How does the account work?

Once you have created a login at CreditJeweler.com, one of our operators will contact you and walk you through the application process. Once your application is complete, you will be assigned an account number and credit limit and you can begin shopping. Just like that!


Can my account ever be downgraded?

Yes, if your account ever goes delinquent we not only reserve the right to close or place a hold on your account, but upon your bringing it current we may increase the down payment and/or reduce the credit limit.


Will I receive a statement?

Yes, you will be e-mailed a statement every month, however not receiving a statement does not exempt you from making your payments. It is important that you make every effort to pay your account in a timely manner, as it is imperative to establishing and re-establishing your personal credit history.


When is my payment due?

A minimum payment amount will be agreed upon and set for the first of every month.


How much is my monthly payment?

Everyone is different, and so is their personal financial situation. Once you have chosen an a item from our online store, one of our representatives will set a payment amount for you based on your current economic situation.


Where can I make my payments?

Once you have established your account, you may submit your information and have your payment automatically withdrawn directly from your bank account.


Can I charge shipping and handling to my CreditJeweler account?

No, at this time you must pay shipping and handling charges (in addition to any applicable down payment) using a major credit card or at the time of check out.