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Ceramic | Credit Jeweler

Ceramic may not be the first thing you think of when you are looking for durable jewelry, but ceramic jewelry is very long-lasting. Ceramic jewelry is also incredibly shiny and implausibly sleek. Ceramic rings are very popular among men’s wedding bands, and ceramic watches are very contemporary. You have many options when shopping for ceramic fashion jewelry, so you may also have many questions when shopping for ceramic jewelry accessories. Maybe we can answer some of those questions here, in this forum.

Ceramic Jewelry Questions:

How is jewelry-grade ceramic different from traditional ceramic?
Ceramic jewelry isn’t made of the same type of ceramic that you would find in most craft stores. Jewelry-grade ceramic is also called titanium carbide. Titanium carbide is very hard and used in many industrial fields. This high-tech ceramic is used as a heat guard in space shuttles. Titanium carbide is scratch-proof and when it is polished, it takes on an incredible shine and maintains a silky smooth appearance for a lifetime. Jewelry accessories and watches made of ceramic are a fabulous investment.

How does ceramic jewelry fit?
The fit of ceramic jewelry is just like the fit of other jewelry. Ceramic rings are especially popular and you can be sure that your ceramic ring will fit when you choose your correct size. The jewelry industry has standard measurements for ring sizes; for example, if you wear a size 9 in a gold ring, then you will wear a size 9 in a ceramic ring or in a band made of any jewelry material. However, unlike a gold ring, a ring made of ceramic cannot be re-sized. Keep this in mind when shopping for various pieces of fashion jewelry made of ceramic.

How do I care for ceramic jewelry?
Jewelry made of ceramic is quite durable, and some basic maintenance will keep it in good condition. To clean ceramic jewelry and watches, wipe the ceramic with a damp cloth; dry it with a lint-free cloth. Although this material is strong and scratch-resistant, it can chip, so it is best to give each piece of ceramic jewelry its own slot or space in the jewelry box.